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Quinces and Sweet Sixteen Multi Camera Video Coverage -

July 15, 2024

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  • Captamos lo mejor de tu evento en foto y video.

  • Los mejores paquetes y precios para bodas y 15 años en New York

Quinces and Sweet Sixteen Multi Camera Video Coverage

‎Multi-Camera Video for Quinceaneras & Sweet 16 events in New York

Pre 15/16 Photo Shoot Beautiful Sweet16


Why multiple cameras for a Quinceaneras or Sweet16?

Cameras, cameras, cameras… So, with our Essential Collection we film with 2-3 cameras, and with our 4k Signature Series we film with 3-5 and sometimes 6 up to 12 cameras.

Why? When We first started filming Quinceaneras , We really became aware of the “there are no do-overs” concept during a  Quinceanera or Sweet 16.

Also, the last thing We wanted to do was be the guy with a camera running thru your event with everyone wondering…

“What is he doing?”

So, since We can’t be in multiple places at the same time, and didn’t want to bring a “gang” of videographers to a Quinceanera or Sweet Sixteen  We started using multiple stationary cameras. We do our best to place them out of the way, with long lenses on tripods. Your guests may notice them when they first arrive, but are soon forgotten about once you start walking down the aisle… we’re all about being invisible.

While having up to 6 cameras is not always required for a highlight film, We strongly believe that the films we create are about the future, not so much today. One of the most popular add on’s I do is the “Live Edit” Quinceanera  film. This is where We take the footage of the day and create a complete film of your event. All of it.

So, when you watch your event film, it will have the look and feel of a high end production. With up to 6 cameras filming at once, We can do a few things with the edit…

1) Create a quick paced film compared to a single or even two camera film that may not be all that exciting to watch for 20-30 minutes.

2) Better capture of emotions, reactions and of course the unexpected gems.

3) I can usually edit out your photographers who are also working to create amazing shots for you.

Due to the length of these wedding ceremony films you typically do not see them on a videographers website.

Check availability for your Quinceanera or Sweet 16 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions are the most frequently asked questions that we get. If you don’t see your question on here, please feel free to email us at: info@quinceaneras.nyc or call us at 347-634-8456

Are you still available for my date?

Please check here to see if we are still available for your date. You can also call us at 347-634-8456 if you prefer.

Do the packages include prints?

The reason for this is people have different needs and wants.

Byadding them to the package it keeps the same prices lower and itt. We offer plenty of print products at very competitive rates that can be purchased through your online gallery. Also, because we include the Digital Hi-Res images in every package, you can forego ordering prints online altogether.

Why are your prices so low? Is there a catch?

No, there is absolutely no catch. When we started Quinceaneras NewYork, we started it with the premise that beautiful photography should not cost an arm and a leg. Many other studios out there show low sale prices and offers- but when you get more information, you find out that there is a catch to those prices and we know just how frustrating that can be.

Our straightforward prices that we show you upfront give you unparalleled products and services for your money.

We are able to charge these low prices because we are our own professional photo lab.

Our studio is located in our lab and therefore our printing costs and our rent costs are so low that we can pass those savings directly on to you.

We are a family based business and we do not work on commission so that saves you on costs also (as well as the hassle of dealing with persistent salespeople ;-).

Do you have a payment plan?

We know that Quinceaneras and Sweet 16 are expensive and even with our low prices, money might be hard to come up with right away.

We offer low deposits and flexible payment plans that work for you.

Do we get to choose the photos that we want in our Quinceanera album and proof it?

Yes of course you choose the photos! After the quinceaneras / sweet sixteen day , you choose your favorite photos that you want in your album, and then fill out our online designer survey with questions pertaining to your album.

From then, one of our talented album designers creates a beautiful album layout.

When it is finished, you will get an email with the login information to your album pages so that you can approve it before it goes to be printed and bound.

Do you use peel and stick albums? 😱

No way! We are anti peel and stick albums here.

Both the VIP and Diamond album packages include top-of the line,library bound albums.

The real photographic prints are flush heat mounted directly onto the page which is the longer lasting, more professional looking alternative to peel and stick albums.

What style of photography will be used?

Our photographers are experienced and talented in blending the 3 major wedding photography styles: Traditional/Classic, Contemporary/Artsy, and Photojournalistic/Candid. All too often when a bride and groom select only one style, they regret it years later. From experience, we know that our complete combination makes for timeless memories…

This is why:


You will have all your important traditional posed shots with your bridal party and family, as well as lightly posed artistic photos and candid photojournalistic photos that capture the emotions and feel of your special day.

Years later, you will not regret just having chosen one style.

* If you tend to lean more towards one style in particular, we will be sure to accommodate if you let us know.

Our Quinceaneras and Sweet 16 Photography- Video Packages – What’s the Same

Certainly, we want to make our Quinceaneras & Sweet 16 photography, videography prices and packages clear and straight forward. These features will be consistent regardless of what package you choose. Thus, all our Quinceaneras & Sweet 16  photography and videography offerings come standard with:

  • High-quality work
  • Experienced professionals
  • Competitive pricing that’s not too high or too low
  • A clear idea of what you’re getting with each package
  • Help from us as you make your decision and move towards your big day
  • Local talent that’s going to work with you closely

To us, this isn’t photography; wedding packages are also special. So, you deserve to work with someone who understands this experience.

We go much deeper than providing you with the cost of a Quinceaneras & Sweet 16  photographer in your area. Not only will we work to match you with someone but we make sure you’re thrilled with the experience.

Our Quinceaneras & Sweet 16 Packages – What’s Different

Although some people want more photos and not as much in the way of videos. Others are the exact opposite, and still, others want something in-between. It’s your wedding, after all, so you deserve to get exactly what you want.

The best way to tell the difference between the cost of our quinceanera & sweet 16  photographer and videographer  is by what you’re getting. Some of our packages provide more photos than video, while others are different. Many provide full albums while others do not. Some offer online availability while other packages are more limited in that regard.

It’s all up to you. Lastly, it’s easy to learn more about our wedding photography prices and packages. If you click the link below then you’ll help us determine your availability.

Lastly, we’ll work with you to find the best match based on the package you have in mind. This is an interactive process, so if you choose to work with us, get used to hearing from us! We want to congratulate you both, and we look forward to working with you.

I only need photography services for less than 4 hours, can I get a discount?

Depending on how busy your quinces or sweet 16 date is, we may be able to work out a special shorter package for you.

Just let us know what package you are interested in and we can get you a quote.

Sweet 16-Quinceañeras.

Our videography and photography covers from covers all of our quinceanera precious moments from the moment she’s getting ready until the Salon!

Foto & Video New York Quinces y Sweet16 …

Photography & Video for Sweet 16’s in New York call 347-634-8456. we offer crystal albums, canvas prints, dvd’s in HD, cinematic videos, drones.

Sweet 16 Photography and Videography Packages in New York

package that will capture the entire Sweet 16 party while helping to stay … the reception and multiple camera coverage for most of the Sweet 16 party in NYC

Quinceañeras & Sweet 16 – Quinceaneras New York Photography & Videography

Pre-Quinceañera Sesion fotografica en  NYC .

Photography & Video In NYC : “Pre-Quinceañera Sesion de fotos en … Queens, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Long Island …

Sweet16 Quinceanera photo and video Queens. Brooklyn, Bronx, NYC

Sweet16 Quinceanera photo and video in NYC, NJ, LI we provide the best photography and Video packages for your event

Sweet 16/Quiceañeras Video New York


Check our Availability


We take pride in our commitment to our clients and our community.

Our team of professionals are all locals, each with a vast variety of industry knowledge working with Quinceaneras, Sweet 16 and Weddings, documentaries and corporate events. We love filming small intimate weddings and grand scale events that evolve over the course of many days and locations.



Quinceaneras and Sweet16 Video Coverage New York

There are many different ways to cover a Quinceanera or Sweet16 , from a simple one-camera operation to an elaborate multi-camera production. It’s important to make the right decision on how to approach the video — usually it is a compromise between the highest quality and constraints such as budget, equipment, your experience and logistical considerations.


How many cameras to use?

If you want complete coverage, you will find it difficult with one camera. Things often happen in more than one place at the same time, or you will want shots of different people who are far apart. For example, if you have a Special Mass and t will be all your chambelanes and friends and family, just imagine how one camera can capture the all scene. This is all but impossible to achieve smoothly with one camera.

Now here’s the interesting part… Think about your favorite movie or television show, how many separate clips or how many times does the filming angle change? It’s so common we don’t think about it but here are a few examples of average clip length: The Hunger Games – 3.4 seconds, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – 3.7 seconds, and Silver linings Playbook – 2.1 seconds.

A great way to experience this is to watch anything with your smartphone timer set for just 1 minute, then count clips or angle changes… all of a sudden it becomes really clear why more cameras capturing interesting angles makes for an engaging and watchable film.

To summarize… when considering your wedding videos, think about the films you’ll have 10 / 20 years from now. While our highlight and feature films are amazing, priceless overviews of your your wedding.

How great would it be to go back in time to experience your full event, toasts and first/family dances with the ability to re-live all of the excitement and emotions of the day? Next time… all about audio.

We would love to chat with you about how we can create an amazing set of films for you and generations to follow.


You deserve complete peace of mind on your event day. Every Quinceaneras New York video package includes multiple cameras and backups for absolutely everything. We prepare for the unexpected.

Multiple cameras ensure we can be in many places at once for your entire day. We spend time with each of you as you get ready with your Quinceanera or Sweet 16 party. We capture both of your expressions as you say your vows without moving around and interrupting your ceremony. One videographer can travel for the fun photo stops while the other is getting set up at your reception and is ready to roll the minute you arrive. We film your family’s toasts and the reactions of your guests simultaneously.

We preserve every part of your Quinceanera or Sweet 16, both the planned and spontaneous moments that unfold over the day. The result is a polished and seamless cinematic Quinceanera or Sweet 16 video.


It’s finally here!

Your video team will arrive ready to go with a clear plan created by you from all our communication leading up to the event day. We are always prepared for anything unexpected with backups for equipment and videographers, just in case. As documentary filmmakers, we stay invisible so you can just relax and enjoy your whirlwind day.

Multi-Camera Video Coverage

A lot happens during a wedding, some of which you are unable to see which is why it is important to have a videographer there to capture it. However, your wedding videographer can only be at once place at a time. Unfortunately, this limits what can be caught on camera. In order to solve this problem, Quinceaneras New York  uses multiple cameras (and multiple videographers) when covering a Quinces or Sweet16 event day . This is most beneficial during the ceremony.

During your event, your videographer faces some obstacles which can cause complications during the video coverage. Some of these obstacles include

  • Limited Church Access: Some church’s restrict access of your videographer. For example, we are generally not allowed to be by the alter and sometimes not even allowed to move once the ceremony starts. Multiple cameras help resolve this issue to make sure that a camera is set up to capture the moment no matter where we are restricted to be.
  • Obstructed View: Pillars, decorations and most commonly people can get in the way of any given shot. The stationary objects are easier to deal with but a person standing up or moving in front of an unmanned camera can cause a shot to be ruined. By using multiple videographers, you can be assured that someone will be close by to avoid this potential problem.

Multiple cameras and multiple videographers not only help avoid potential problems but also make for a better viewing experience. Your Quinces or Sweet16  is a once in a lifetime event which is seen by hundreds of people. With multiple cameras you can get the additional point of views which let you see your special day as others did. Some key moments which benefit from this are:

  • Waltz: Having a camera on the Quince Girl  as well as the guest are perfect to see both people’s expression as they see the other for the first time.
  •  Multiple cameras give the opportunity of capturing the bride from the front and backas well as the groom as he waits for her.
  • A full-frame shot is perfect to capture everything while a 2nd and 3rd videographer has the ability to get creative, cinematic shots from other angles.
  • Speeches: With one camera on the speaker, other cameras can be places around the venue to capture the audience and quince girl eactions.

Quinceaneras & Sweet 16 packages New York

Reviews from our clients

Quinces & Sweet 16 packages New York

"One word... AMAZING TEAM!!!

Quinceaneras New York shot one of our best friend’s daughter back in 2021 and I knew that night, I wanted to book This Team for our daughter Sweet 16 and that’s what we did! Douglas was our main photographer for our event day. He is so personable, beyond funny and his eye for photography is the best you can get! He made sure I got all the shots I wanted even when I forgot about some.

He made it all happen . Fabian was our second photographer he was a sweet heart and actually took one of our favorite pictures! Julian is just as great! Is hiliarious and was our videographer! They all were so comfortable with the party even though we had a beyond huge Party and family. They fit right in. Everyone was talking about how great our photographers were! Everyone at the office is so helpful and gets back to you as soon as they can!

Can’t say enough. Great things! We highly suggest booking them for your big day!!!”

H i l l a r y