April 13, 2024

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TEST: Your Crush… Is He The One To Be YOUR CHAMBELAN?

TEST: Your Crush… Is He The One To Be YOUR CHAMBELAN?

Forget about the dress and shoes, if you still haven’t decided to invite your crush to be your chambe… It can be hard to dare, so take this TEST to see if you should take that first step or start looking for other ones! options instead!

1.- You are in the XV YEARS of a friend and your crush is there. The:

a) He immediately heads towards you and you spend the whole night talking about, well, EVERYTHING.

b) He smiles at you and says hello! But you hardly see him again all night.

c) He is in a corner with his friends, with the face of do not talk to us please.

2.- You and your crush are a couple in the laboratory class. You have worked on the final project for a week and it is due at the end of class. The:

a) He pulls out the report I worked on the night before and asks you what you want to add to improve it.

b) He forgets his textbook with his notes, so he gives you a conquering smile and asks you to use your notes.

c) He keeps sending messages on his cell phone and answers mm-mmm-mm when you ask for help.

3.- For your birthday, you are thinking of inviting some close friends to dinner and to the movies. You send invites to your crush and your jokes. What’s happening?

a) He sends you a text message confirming that he will attend.

b) He calls you to tell you that his family is celebrating his mother’s birthday that same day, but he asks you out the next day.

c) He asks who else is going, before telling you at the last minute that he can’t go.

4.- You go shopping with your BFFs when you run into your crush and his friends. The:

a) He introduces you to all his friends and invites you to go with them for some snacks.

b) He greets you, but ends up talking more with your friends.

c) Totally avoids you – But hey he probably doesn’t even know who you are.

5.-You are with your BFF at break time talking about your XV YEARS. And your crush is there. The:

a) He comments that he is good at dancing.

b) He comments that he doesn’t like being a chambe, but blushes and says he’s joking that he really likes being invited as a chambelan.

c) Immediately change the subject.

“The fact that your crush is the cutest guy in the sec is not enough of a reason to ask him to be your chambelan!”

6.- What beats you the most about your crush?

a) He’s super cute and you think he likes you too.

b) He looks like a good Justin Bieber and all the girls at school die for him.

c) He has good taste in music.


You are receiving positive messages from your crush, you should definitely invite him to be your chambe!!! It seems this guy knows he likes you and apparently he likes you too. If you wait too long another girl can beat you. Also, boys love it when girls make the first move! he puts his ego through the roof and shows that you have a lot of confidence in yourself. Now comes the hard part… Choosing the dress!!!!


It seems that you are well reciprocated, although lately you have received some mixed signals. What was that about talking more with your jokes at the mall than with you??? So we suggest you ask your friends for advice and see if they have taken note. Also, even if you don’t believe it, your older brother or your cousin can give you some advice on the thinking of boys. You can also make a list of pros and cons. And… also it’s not the end of the world, if you invite him and he says no! However you want, you will admire your brave attitude and the one who will lose it will be him.


The fact that your crush is the most handsome guy
in the sec is not enough of a reason to invite him to be your chambe! You deserve to invite the guy you really have a good time with, or you’ll end up babysitting your chambe and miss out on the fun of your 15th. -You know, making sure he doesn’t flirt with every girl around him. Also if your friends don’t have a partner, you will go crazy seeing yourself alone on the dance floor with your friends. LUCK!!!

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