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If you would like a professional photo shoot prior to a special event in the life of a young girl; such as their “Quinceañera,” or Sweet 16 you would like photos for the invitations, guest book or decorations for the reception, or you simply want to have unique photographs of a particular event in your life, I am sure you will find the following tips to be very useful!

Here are some tips:

10 Theme: If you have a theme for your party or reception that you wish to realize, it is an excellent idea to have a photo shoot! If you do not have special theme but have a favorite film/movie, TV series, artist, hobby, etc., this is the best time to make unique photographs that capture your alter ego or inner muse. My recommendation is always to maximize my creativity, and the opportunity to have spectacular photos worthy of the front cover of a magazine!

9. Location: Whether you like the idea of a thematic session or not, the choice of place is important. The ideal would be to choose a location based on the type of photos you expect. If you want to reflect details of yourselves, you can choose places that you like or frequent. But if you do not have a favorite place in particular, we can help you choose one from among the many options that may surround you.

8. The Date: Ideally, girls plan their shoot 3 to 6 months before the event and use the images for different projects such as the invitations. If this is not the case, a month before the event is amenable also!

7. Time of Day: If your session is held outdoors, my recommendation is to have the shoot at certain times of the day where the sunlight is ideal, as is sunrise or sunset. If you prefer not get up early, we can schedule the shoot 1 to 2 hours before sunset. This will give us beautiful warm and soft lighting.

6. Attire: There are many style guides and fashion tips on hand on the internet, but pay close attention to avoid bold patterns or logos, as they tend to stand out too much and divert the attention away from the protagonist… You! Of course you can bring several outfits to display the casual and the fancy versions of you, if time permits! In addition, bring shoes that complement your outfits and an extra pair of comfortable ones to use between takes, because depending on the theme or area where the session takes place, high-heeled shoes can be a challenge to walk in.

5. Accessories and Props: AND even your pets! This makes your meeting unique and personal and says a lot about you. Obviously, they will not be used in all the photos but they are certainly a great resource to customize some of your pictures with those special details. And please do not forget to send me an email with a list of what you will bring a few days prior to the session, so that I can come with ideas!

4. Make up and Nails: Many mothers choose to do their daughters makeup, or even the girls themselves, which is great if you how to do it correctly. For those that prefer to go natural, we suggest that you apply a little makeup so that camera may capture the “natural” image. Ideally, we recommend using a professional makeup artist if it is within your budget, and of course you should not forget to get a manicure and pedicure if your footwear options are sandals.

3. Chaperone: Usually one of the parents will accompany the girls to their photo shoot. Our recommendation is that there are no more than two people, so the girl/s do not become distracted or get nervous.

2. Rehearse: Before your photo shoot, find some time to practice your pose/s in front of a mirror! Have fun! Play! Take advantage of this preparation time to laugh, relax and be inspired.

1. Enjoy! : This is a very special and unique time in your life which will create unforgettable memories and wonderful keepsakes, so relax and set aside any stress!

I hope that these 10 tips for your Pre-event, Quinceañera, Sweet 16, photo session has given you a better idea of how to prepare and as always, if you have any questions or suggestions in this regard, we are more than happy to help you! If you’d like to schedule a session for you or someone you know, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you


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