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Your daughter is turning 15 or 16? -

July 14, 2024

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Your daughter is turning 15 or 16?

Your daughter is turning 15 or 16?

Your daughter is turning 15 or 16! For a very large population here in New York that means you have been or are about to begin planning her

Batten down the hatches because from what I have seen and experienced, this is an adventure like no other you have ever had before!
I admit, as a Quinceanera Specialist from New York this is really my area of expertise. Anything Quinces or Sweet related, is not a problem! Piece of cake.

Quiceanera’s… Wow! Totally different ball game. I have been here for 10 years now and just when I think I have everything figured out, a new and sometimes very “interesting” trend or idea comes my way and I am sent right back to square one.

In a lot of ways, the planning process is not so very different from planning a Wedding. The difference would be the group dynamic and age of the people you are planning for. In the end the outcome of the planning process will be similar. Floral arrangements, cakes, music, dancing, traditions etc…the journey from point A to point B is where the whole thing will take a turn for the “interesting”!

The very best advice I can give anyone brave enough to embark on this journey would be to plan ahead, plan ahead, plan ahead!!!! Make sure that you have enough time to get everything done without driving yourself, your teenage daughter, your family and anyone else who happens to get inyour way, totally mental!!! Start your planning when your daughter is 13. This may seem like too much time but remember that “life” has a way of getting involved. With more time, you will have more options, lower costs and more ideas.

Create a budget and go through it with your daughter. She will need to know. Find out what vision your daughter has for her big debut. What is themost important aspect to her? What is not so important? How can you both compromise to get exactly what will work? If you talk about these things well in advance and come up with a schedule and a plan, you can avoid a whole bunch of trouble when putting everything together in the end.

Think about having pictures, drawings and swatches on a big board (an inspiration board) so that the two of you can refer to it, add to it or
eliminate un necessary aspects.

Keep in mind that in the beginning what you had in mind for her Quinceanera may not be what she had in mind. It’s not personal. She is not going to say no to all your ideas just to annoy you. You are from different generations and you are in fact two different people. You are not supposed to like all the same things. This is where the ‘compromising’ begins. This is where you, as the adult, will need to breathe and suppress the need to slam your head into the wall. Simply smile, tell your daughter that she has “very interesting” ideas and you will think about them.

Walk away. Plan one evening a week that is just for you. Do something by yourself that you enjoy. Once you have rejuvenated you can go back to the planning with better focus and more perspective. Maybe take a class and learn how to create something new! DIY is very big for Weddings and for Quinceanera’s! Teach your daughter and some of her friends how to make something special and not only will you both enjoy the bonding
experience, but you will have created a personal detail that is unique and everyone will love!

Remember that this is supposed to be the day when your daughter is presented to the church, community and family as an adult. She is learning from you. If you listen to her, chances are, she will listen to you. If you can deal with vendors and other professionals by being polite and with composure, so will she. Most importantly, if you can find a way to compromise and meet her half way, she will do the same. Before you finish your planning, take a look at the beautiful Job from Quinceaneras NYC Team 

In the end I wish you luck and great success! In all honesty I think when my own daughter turns sixteen, I might just give her the keys to the car,
buy her a Calvin Klein dress, and a doll, stick a tiara on her head and a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s on her feet and say; “congratulations! You’re a grown up!”

Followed by a bill for food, clothing, education and lodging for the past 16 years

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