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- Foto y video para Quinceañeras Sweet Sixteens New York .

July 15, 2024

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  • Los mejores paquetes y precios para bodas y 15 años en New York

Do you want to organize your party of 15 and do you know where to start?
Here you will find a step-by-step guide, so that your party of 15 turns out as you dreamed.

Let the party begin!!!

  • The first thing to do is get the latest Miss Quince magazine. Buy it at 7-eleven, magazine stands or visit any of our suppliers and ask for it for FREE! www.quinceaneras.nyc/directory
  • Sweet 16 New York Photography and Video | Quinceanera & Sweet16 New York .Set the date you want to celebrate your 15th. We suggest you confirm with your jokes that the dates of your 15th will not overlap.
  • Know the budget that your parents have allocated for your party.
  • Define what kind of party you want to have. Lounge, club, formal, informal.
  • Prepare a rough guest list.
  • Find a 15-year-old party coordinator.
  • We recommend you start organizing your party a year in advance, it is essential to get the room that you really like. Getting things done early will also help reduce stress.
  • Go to see salons, villas or clubs. If you find one of your liking available on the date you plan to celebrate your 15th, book it now!!!
  • Separate date for the religious ceremony. We suggest you look for one near the room where your party will be.
  • Choosing the dress, it is advisable to look for the dress in advance to base yourself on it to select the colors for the party, the flowers, decoration, etc.

Find experts in video and photography. We suggest that you choose the photographer with whom you feel comfortable, as it will be a memory that will stay with you forever.
Car for transfers, you have many options. Limos, Party bus, etc. To choose the right one, we suggest you consider the type of party you are organizing.
Music is Super Important!

photography, professional video for quinceanera and sweet 16 Queens New York

Since this is one of the key parts for your 15 to be a success. You can hire a DJ, live music or both.
You will also need music for the religious ceremony.


It is super important that the decoration style and colors you choose for your party match the color of your dress and the type of party you are organizing.
You can set up lounges, candy tables with chocolate fountains with chocolates and fruits and chamoy fountains, etc.
Find out what flowers are for the date of your party, so you won’t have problems getting them that day.
Hire a florist for the church, salon, car repair, bathroom repair.
If you have a theme for your party you can get hats, wigs, maracas, necklaces, glasses, luminous glasses.


There are shows for all tastes. Mimes, clowns, Illusionists, saxophonists, magicians, famous singers, cover bands, waltz violins, ballet and everything you can imagine and more…
If you are considering hiring ballet. This is the moment.

Look for invitations, thank you cards, etc. Consider the delivery time.

Remember that the invitations will be the first impression your guests will have of your party.
Buy an album for the party guests to sign.
Organize your guest list, we suggest you do it on a computer with your full name, address and telephone number and preferably in alphabetical order and reference group (family – school friends – club friends – other friends – friends of the parents – etc.)

Dress test
HAIR & MAKE UP: Once you know what your dress is like, it’s time to go try possible hairstyles and makeup to put together a super look.
Look for them according to the color of your dress. You can choose them in the same color as your dress or you can try silver or gold.

If you are not used to wearing high heels, we suggest short, comfortable shoes or tennis shoes. You can also consider having a spare pair of shoes for when you get tired.
MENU: Attend the menu tests, choose the one you like.
CAKE: Look for cake in the event that the room does not include it.