May 29, 2024

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  • Los mejores paquetes y precios para bodas y 15 años en New York

Blog – Quinceañeras & Sweet 16 Guide

New York Quinceaneras Photography-Video

Blog of Quinceaneras: Quinceañera tips and advice

Fotografía y video de Quinceañeras y bodas en  Nueva York

dont having party BLOG
Sweet16 Photographer and video in NYC
Sweet16 Photographer and video in NYC

New York Quinceaneras Photography-Video

New York Quinceaneras Photography-Video

Fotografía y video de Quinceañeras y bodas en  Nueva York

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Quick Tips from our Experts to Help You Plan Your Quinceañera

Get Permission 

It’s easy to add a lot of intricate details, but you can plan a Quince in a very straightforward manner.

Not only will you need your parent’s permission to have a Quinceanera celebration, but you’ll also need their permission to plan the event.

It takes time to put a Quince party together and your folks will probably want to make sure that your schoolwork doesn’t suffer.

Don’t take time away from other important things like family obligations and extracurricular activities that will have a positive impact on your future like sports or school academic clubs.

Your parents will also need to have the final say as to whether you have a Quinceanera Mass.

The definitive guide for Quinceañeras & Sweet 16 in New York.


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