May 29, 2024

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How many times have you avoided smiling in high school photos or on a birthday so your braces don’t show?

Or how did you smile without opening your mouth when making your photo book? Today there is a revolutionary system of INVISIBLE ALIGNERS that give you back that smile that you always wanted to have.

Dr. Sandra P. , a dentist specializing in Orthodontics, presents you with an exclusive alternative for adolescents that allows you to SMILE, continue with your treatment and enjoy life as normal.

Adolescents are constantly exposed “in their public life” to the looks of their peers, friends and family: Instagram, Facebook, Wapp, etc. they are required to constantly show “a good image” of themselves. That is why the issue of aesthetics plays a more than important (and sometimes worrying) role in their lives.

This system is based on aligners that do their job invisibly. They are the latest technology applied to oral health and aesthetics. Their main characteristic is that they are practically transparent. And although to comply with the treatment you have to have them on, they can be easily removed.

The treatment involves the design of several aligners that are replaced periodically and that help to gradually correct the teeth, collaborating in the health and aesthetics of our mouth and smile. 


They also allow the patient to develop any of their daily activities, sports, studies, travel, parties, dancing, singing, etc. They also allow you to tempt yourself and enjoy your favorite food. They are 100% effective and much more comfortable than traditional braces.



They are practically transparent                                                                                         

– mold to each denture

-allow them to eat whatever food they want

-they are comfortable, safe and as effective as conventional brackets.

-allow the practice of your favorite sport


Why choose Dr. Sandra P. to perform the treatment?

1-because it works with a system of aligners designed exclusively for adolescents and their particularities.

2-because he has extensive experience in Argentina

3- Because it uses a unique and personalized system, more efficient and faster than conventional systems. 


Advantages of your System:

-Use marker: this system allows you to control the actual use of the aligners.

-3D Planner: All treatment is planned in advance thanks to a 3D Digital Orthodontic Software, which serves as a guide and advances in each stage of treatment.

-Start whenever you want: The treatment is personalized and allows you to start it even when the patient does not have all the final teeth.

– They are replaced periodically (between 7 to 10 days). In this way, when using them for shorter periods, the aligners do not stain and therefore take care of the patient’s aesthetics.


  • “Our treatment offers adolescents an alternative that takes care of their dental health and at the same time their image, avoiding exposure and embarrassing situations in this important stage of their lives.”

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