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Pre-Event Quinces & Sweet 16 photoshoot · Queens New York Event Photographer

$150 OFF Quinceanera Digital Photo Albums

A Sweet sixteen is a coming of age party for teenagers. This wonderful time is a good opportunity to book a sweet 16 photoshoot. If you’re throwing a sweet 16 birthday party, the photoshoot can take place on the same day.

As an event and sweet 16 photographer, I usually recommend doing one-on-one sweet 16 photos before the party begins and all the guests arrive or to schedule a photoshoot on a different day. Sometimes there’s not enough time before the party, so the photos can be taken during the party. This can be a little challenging because teenagers may want to hang out with the0ir friends instead of taking photos.

Another option is to schedule a sweet 16 photography session on a different day so there’s more time and variety.

If you’re looking to book sweet 16 pictures, get in touch here: Quinceaneras New York.

Pre-Event Photo Shoot 15/16 New York

QUINCES & SWEET 16 Pre-Sessions

Affordable Quinceaneras & Sweet 16 Photography Prices with Video Starts Here

A what?

Use this opportunity to get to know your Quinces or Sweet 16  photographer.  Or…..

  • You have a reception dress; a Pre-Session is a great way to showcase it in more formal photos.
  • Take your formals for a test-drive:  Use a Pre-Session to get your corte dressed up, and see that everything is perfect for the big day. It can be a time saver if your Quinceanera or Sweet 16  day schedule is packed!
  • This shoot is a great time to try  hairstyles and make-up artists.  Will these styles look great in photos? This will give you time to adjust any last minute or small details with hair, make-up, or attire.


1 hour of photoshoot

Private gallery

(2) large print 16*20

Slideshow for the event day

(1) Location


 1 hour of photoshoot

 Private gallery

 (1) large print 16*20

 (1) Banner de 2.5 x 6 Pies

 Slideshow for the event day

 (1) Location


 2 hour of photoshoot

 Private gallery

 (1) Signature Album

 (1) Banner de 2.5 x 6 Pies

 (1) 16*20 Large Print

 Slideshow for the event day

 (1) Location

 (1)  USB cwith best pictures of your photoshoot

The Complete Package

Slide show – Impress your family and friends with a spectacular slideshow  for your  day

(2)Hours of photoshoot

(2) Large prints of 11*14

(2) Banners of 2.5*6ft

(1) Signature Album

(1) Signature Album Case

(1) Location

(1)USB with the best pictures of your photoshoot

(1)Digital Thanks Card.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions are the most frequently asked questions that we get. If you don’t see your question on here, please feel free to email us at: info@quinceaneras.nyc or call us at 347-634-8456

Are you still available for my date?

Please check here to see if we are still available for your date. You can also call us at 347-634-8456 if you prefer.

Do the packages include prints?

The reason for this is people have different needs and wants.

Byadding them to the package it keeps the same prices lower and itt. We offer plenty of print products at very competitive rates that can be purchased through your online gallery. Also, because we include the Digital Hi-Res images in every package, you can forego ordering prints online altogether.

Why are your prices so low? Is there a catch?

No, there is absolutely no catch. When we started Quinceaneras NewYork, we started it with the premise that beautiful photography should not cost an arm and a leg. Many other studios out there show low sale prices and offers- but when you get more information, you find out that there is a catch to those prices and we know just how frustrating that can be.

Our straightforward prices that we show you upfront give you unparalleled products and services for your money.

We are able to charge these low prices because we are our own professional photo lab.

Our studio is located in our lab and therefore our printing costs and our rent costs are so low that we can pass those savings directly on to you.

We are a family based business and we do not work on commission so that saves you on costs also (as well as the hassle of dealing with persistent salespeople ;-).

Do you have a payment plan?

We know that Quinceaneras and Sweet 16 are expensive and even with our low prices, money might be hard to come up with right away.

We offer low deposits and flexible payment plans that work for you.

What style of photography will be used?

Our photographers are experienced and talented in blending the 3 major wedding photography styles: Traditional/Classic, Contemporary/Artsy, and Photojournalistic/Candid. All too often when a bride and groom select only one style, they regret it years later. From experience, we know that our complete combination makes for timeless memories…

This is why:


You will have all your important traditional posed shots with your bridal party and family, as well as lightly posed artistic photos and candid photojournalistic photos that capture the emotions and feel of your special day.

Years later, you will not regret just having chosen one style.

* If you tend to lean more towards one style in particular, we will be sure to accommodate if you let us know.

Do we get to choose the photos that we want in our Quinceanera album and proof it?

Yes of course you choose the photos! After the quinceaneras / sweet sixteen day , you choose your favorite photos that you want in your album, and then fill out our online designer survey with questions pertaining to your album.

From then, one of our talented album designers creates a beautiful album layout.

When it is finished, you will get an email with the login information to your album pages so that you can approve it before it goes to be printed and bound.

Do you use peel and stick albums? 😱

No way! We are anti peel and stick albums here.

Both the VIP and Diamond album packages include top-of the line,library bound albums.

The real photographic prints are flush heat mounted directly onto the page which is the longer lasting, more professional looking alternative to peel and stick albums.

I only need photography services for less than 4 hours, can I get a discount?

Depending on how busy your quinces or sweet 16 date is, we may be able to work out a special shorter package for you.

Just let us know what package you are interested in and we can get you a quote.

Our Quinceaneras and Sweet 16 Photography- Video Packages – What’s the Same

Certainly, we want to make our Quinceaneras & Sweet 16 photography, videography prices and packages clear and straight forward. These features will be consistent regardless of what package you choose. Thus, all our Quinceaneras & Sweet 16  photography and videography offerings come standard with:

  • High-quality work
  • Experienced professionals
  • Competitive pricing that’s not too high or too low
  • A clear idea of what you’re getting with each package
  • Help from us as you make your decision and move towards your big day
  • Local talent that’s going to work with you closely

To us, this isn’t photography; wedding packages are also special. So, you deserve to work with someone who understands this experience.

We go much deeper than providing you with the cost of a Quinceaneras & Sweet 16  photographer in your area. Not only will we work to match you with someone but we make sure you’re thrilled with the experience.

Our Quinceaneras & Sweet 16 Packages – What’s Different

Although some people want more photos and not as much in the way of videos. Others are the exact opposite, and still, others want something in-between. It’s your wedding, after all, so you deserve to get exactly what you want.

The best way to tell the difference between the cost of our quinceanera & sweet 16  photographer and videographer  is by what you’re getting. Some of our packages provide more photos than video, while others are different. Many provide full albums while others do not. Some offer online availability while other packages are more limited in that regard.

It’s all up to you. Lastly, it’s easy to learn more about our wedding photography prices and packages. If you click the link below then you’ll help us determine your availability.

Lastly, we’ll work with you to find the best match based on the package you have in mind. This is an interactive process, so if you choose to work with us, get used to hearing from us! We want to congratulate you both, and we look forward to working with you.

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Check our Availability

Pre-fifteen /sixteen photo sessions are the perfect opportunity to create timeless images of this very special moment in the life of your daughter and family. We carry out these sessions in parks or urban places where we use trees, buildings and nature to record the beauty of your daughter at this age in her dress or special outfit.

Quinceanera Digital Photo Albums


Quinceañeras or Sweet 16 events are an exciting tradition that can be traced back over thousands of years. Like any tradition, it’s an important moment that survives thanks to being passed down from one generation to the next.

  • Our handmade  professional quinceaneras / sweet 16 g photo albums and prints feature a one-piece wraparound cover design.
  • These albums are available with the option of  different desing and colours.
  • This album is plus for your Quinceanera or Sweet 16 day


What’s a Pre-Quinceanera / Sweet16 Session (Photoshoot Session) ?

A Pre- Quinceanera / Sweet16Session (Photoshoot Session) is a photo shoot that a quinces or sweet16 girl has with their photographer, usually in the months leading up to a wedding.

“We’re already taking photos on our Quinceanera / Sweet16, why take more on another day?”

Good question – let’s get into it:


Let’s face it, staring down a camera lens can be all too intimidating. That’s exactly why an Pre-Event  Session in the months approaching your quinceanera or sweet 16 day is perfect. It’s a valuable opportunity for you to become familiar with what it’s like in front of a camera. I like to start with some basic shots, build your confidence and then get more creative.

Most quinceañeras  imagine standing in front of a camera and smiling through an awkward silence but in reality, I provide plenty of direction while shooting so you don’t have to worry about a thing! The benefit of digital photography is two fold; you not only can view the shot immediately and ease your concerns about how you’re looking but also the ability to preview is also a great tool to help me point out how sometimes, we can make the shot even better by repositioning an arm or adjusting posture. Being able to preview images also allows you to let your photographer know what you want more of and what you can do without. 

Your Pre-Quinceanera /16 Session will make you realise that like most things in life, the more you know, the less you’ll fear.


Your Quinceañera / Sweet16 Celebrations can last up to 12 hours (sometimes more!).

From photos of hair and makeup followed by the ceremony, right through to the end of the reception, it’s no surprise that a quinceañera photographer is someone that you will see the most on your Quinceanera’s  day. As with any relationship, the more time you spend with someone, the more comfortable you become.

Your Quinceanera / Sweet16 Session can be used to get a feel for how I work and most of all, make you realise that I’m open to collaborating with my quinces or 16 clients – if there’s a shot you’d like to try, just ask! If a pose doesn’t quite feel right for you, just say so! Getting to know each other and becoming comfortable with your photographer is essential as it gives you the trust and confidence in knowing that your wedding photography is in good hands.

3. Customizing Quinces /16 Details

This is especially applicable for your pre-quinceanera / sweet 16 shoot. Once you get the processed images from us Quinceaneras New York  photographer, you can then use this photo output for your event needs.

Do you need a photo for your personalized quinceanera / sweet16  signature frame?

Would you like to ditch the plain and boring guest book by creating a custom version that’s filled with your event day?

Are you thinking of making a slideshow presentation that will impress your guests on your quinceanera / sweet16  day?

We got your back!

4. Getting Through The ‘Camera Consciousness

If you consider yourself a camera-shy person, don’t worry because a savvy photographer will help you get through this!

During your pre-quinceanera / sweet 16 shoot, the guy behind the clicks will give you some ideas of how to pose and how to chill when a camera is around.

This practice will give you some knowledge on what angles and poses works for you and your beau.

Your pre-quinceanera / sweet 16 shoot, session will also give you some ideas on how to look your best for your photos on the actual day!

5. Multiple Outfit Changes

We totally agree that you will both look stunning in your formal attire and we’re looking forward to photographing you and your significant other!

However, we also believe that somehow, you would like to apply some variety to your wedding photos through different looks.

Whether you want to diversify your Instagram photos or you just want something different, we definitely understand if you would like to wear multiple outfits to create variety in your image collection.

What’s the better way to do it than having your pre-quinceanera / sweet16  or post-quinceanera / sweet16 portrait session?

6. Chance to Make the Best Out of Every Season

Here’s a possible scenario: you booked your Quinces or Sweet16 for winter yet you want to have some adorable couple photos with spring blossoms as your backdrop.

Or maybe you want a summer Quinces or Sweet16 but you’d also like to achieve some Pinterest-worthy autumn portraits with your beau. Well then!

Your chosen  Quinceañeras New York photographer will surely love to help you achieve the diversity of your vision.

Book a pre or post-Quinces or Sweet16 photography session when the flowers are in full bloom or when the leaves are red and orange!

7. There are No Rules!

Unlike Quinceañeras / Sweet 16  photoshoots, your pre-event and post-event sessions don’t require the consideration of some wedding day traditions such as run sheets, heavy Quinceañeras attires, traditional normalities, and lurking guests.

Without thinking about the rules and restrictions of your big day, you can be as creative or as hilarious as you want to!

8. Opt for More Locations

You somehow wanted to have a really nice Photos  in a cliff-view venue but you’re worried that Grandpa won’t make it to your day if you’ve chosen a steep location.

Perhaps, your dream is to get a beaitufl photos in a<br>lavender field, but you can’t do it because your some  of your court (chambelanes or girlfriends) sare allergic to flowers.

Or maybe, you’ve heard that there’s a majestic view near the salon that your parents or padrinos  booked and yet you don’t have time to go and shoot there on your actual quinceañera / sweet16  day due to time limitations.

Fret no more! We totally understand how much you would love to have a splendid and unique backdrop for your photos so let’s work together to find the perfect location prior to or after your big day. During your pre-quinceañera / sweet16  day or post-quinceañera / sweet16  day  photo shoot, there’s nothing else to consider but yourselves!


I rarely come across a bride who is willing to take the gamble and not complete a hair and makeup trial before the big day.

Your parents or padrinos  invest on a trial to make sure you’ll look just as you imagine on your quinceañera / sweet16  day.

Have you thought about how this look will appear in your quinceañera / sweet16 photos?

Scheduling your quinceañera / sweet16 Session for the same day as your hair and makeup trial is the logical option.

This way, you not only can see in advance how you’ll look in person, but also how you’ll come across in photos. A win-win situation!


Pets can be an integral part of your family.

Unfortunately, due to restrictions at venues, they may not always be allowed to attend so why not capture them in one of the most important stages in your life and bring them along to your Pre Quinceanera / Sweet16  Session?


More time allows for more epic shots! Sometimes, due to other factors in the day, the window between the conclusion of your ceremony and commencement of your reception is not always significant.

This can limit the duration that’s possible for your couple portraits. Unlike the whirlwind of a quinceañera day, an Pre-Quinces or 16 Session does not have the same time pressures so we can get more creative to capture and perfect images that you may not have the opportunity for on your quinceañera day (like jumping in the water in the photo above!)

…and there you go! I hope I’ve been able to give you an insight into the many benefits of a Pre Wedding Photography Session.



The perfect guest book for guests to leave a special message Party keepsake for family and friends to write in

  • Our signature handmade professional wedding photo albums and prints feature a one-piece wraparound cover design.
  • These albums are available with the option of  different desing and colours.
  • This album is plus for your Quinceanera or Sweet 16 day

Quinceaneras & Sweet 16 packages New York

Reviews from our clients

Quinces & Sweet 16 packages New York

Jose Maria

Nuestra fiesta fue un día muy estresante…hubo mucha incertidumbre de qué hacer y cómo hacerlo, pero hicimos la mejor de la elecciones al contactar al equipo de Quinceañeras ; no solo nos daban ánimo, también estaban pendientes de cada detalle y de cada movimiento.

Quedamos muy contentos con las fotos y el video.

Jose Maria