December 05, 2022

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  • Reserva tu Fiesta de Quinces en Enero - Febrero 2023 y obten Pre-Event photoshoot gratis!!

  • Captamos lo mejor de tu evento en foto y video.

  • Los mejores paquetes y precios para bodas y 15 años en New York

Quinceaneras Gallery Photos and Video : Sweet 15 & 16 New York

Quinceañera Photography and Video NYC

Multi-Camera Video for Quinces & Sweet16

Packages for Quinceañeras & Sweet16 New York


Check our Exclusive Quinceañeras Photo & Video Packets.


Classic Dress Artistic Session!

Princess for a day!

Let's go on a fun sunrise or afternoon adventure. Your Artistic session is a fantastic way for me to get to know you and get you comfortable in front of the camera so that come party day.

We’re no longer a stranger but a friend that knows how to capture you best. Once we book the date of your Artistic Session.

We’ll start brain storming different location ideas.

In New York, we are blessed to have such amazingly beautiful places only a short drive  away.

We can go to the beach, or a beautiful park or we can do something urban in one of  the most beaitufl downtown in the world!

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Quinceañera & Sweet16  Photography Video NYC

Let’s create the moment together, fun and authentic!

Haley´s  Quinceanera Event day
Hamptons, New York

Tanya´s Pre- Event Photoshoot
Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Jas´s Sweet 16  Event Day
New York, New York City

Vanne´s Sweet 16  Blessing Day
Queens, New York

Sweet16 Quinceanera photo and video , NYC

Candance´s Sweet 16  Event  Day
Queens, New York City

Laicha´s Sweet 15  Pre-Event Day
Central Park, New York

Brianna´s  Sweet16  Photoshoot
Central Park, New York

Jocelyn´s  Sweet16  Event Day
Brooklyn, New York

Vannia´s  Sweet16  Event Day
Queens, New York

Jakehiry´s Quinces Event Day 
Bronx, New York

Jamie´s Quinces Event Day 
Brooklyn, New York

Yadira´s Pre-Event Photoshoot
Manhatthan, New York

Nathalia´s Sweet 15 Pre Photoshoot Event Day
Central Park New York

Magali´s Sweet 15 Event Day
Queens, New York

Kimberly´s Quinces Event Day 
Queens, New York

Sweet16 Quinceanera photo and video , NYC

Jasmine´s Sweet 16  Event Day
Maestro’s Caterers, New York

Arely´s Sweet 16  Pre-Event 
Yonkers, New York

Jackie´s  Sweet16  Photoshoot
Long Island City , Queens New York

Jasmine´s  Quinceanera Event Day
New York, New York

Jessica´s  Sweet16  Event Day
Brooklyn, New York

Tania´s Sweet 15 Event Day
DUMBO, Brooklyn New York

Karen´s Quinces Event Day
Queens, New York

Mary J´s Sweet 15 Pre Photoshoot Event Day
Central Park New York

Jasmine´s  Sweet16  Photoshoot
Brooklyn Birge New York

Zaria´s  Sweet 16  Pre- Event PhotoShoot
Brooklyn New York

Arely´s  Sweet 16  Event Day
Yonkers New York

Candace´s Quinces Pre-Event Day 
Queens, New York

Sweet16 Quinceanera photo and video , NYC

Jennifer´s Quinceanera  Event Day
Queens, New York

Betzaida´s  Sweet16  Event Day
Queens New York

Louan´s Sweet 16  Event Day
New York, New York City

Itzel´s  Quinceanera Event Day
Yonkers, New York

Gisselle´s  Quinceañera   Event Day
Brooklyn, New York

Angie´s Quinces Event Day 
Queens, New York

Linda´s Pre-Event Photoshoot
Central Park, New York

Valerie´s  Sweet16  Photoshoot
New Rochelle, New York

Quinceanera Photos Gallery & Video: Sweet 15 & 16 New York

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Quinceañeras Gallery

Quinceaneras Photo & Video NY

We  strives to produce 4K Quinceanera videos and Photography that are cherished for years to come.

Many clients have been overwhelmed at the quality of the Quinceanera and Sweet 16 videos at the price they have paid.

If you are in need of a high quality Quinceanera Video and/or pictures, please contact us. We would love to help capture your day as it unfolds before your eyes.

Real Quinceaneras & Sweet16  – Get inspired with real quinceañeras  photos and video of birthday girls. Quinceaneras New York  features Real Quinceañeras  from across New York, New Jersey.

Ana Isabel

Rated 5 out of 5

Los fotografos de Quinceaneras nos hicieron las fotos de nuestra hija y no podríamos haber tenido mejor fotógrafo. Un trato exquisito, nos sentimos cómodos en todo momento, no había nada forzado ni tenso, una experiencia maravillosa. Se adaptó perfectamente a lo que queríamos para nuestra hija, buscando fotos naturales y espontáneas, el resultado no podría ser mejor».

Ana Isabel

Real Quinceañeras

Quinceañera and Sweet Sixteen  photo & video New York

Quinceaneras New York  Photography & the best video in sweet 16 birthday and quinceanera party in New York, behind the scenes, getting ready, video professional ..

We tell your story with every video we produce.


  • New York  Quinceaneras & Sweet16 ! Are you getting ready for your 15 or 16 birthday party celebration? Check out this beautiful princess beautiful princess for some ideas and inspiration. If you are in the market searching for the best photographers and videographers in the area? We are here to assist you!
  • The award-winning New York  Quinceaneras & Sweet16 team can make your quinceaneras princess’ dreams come to reality in the most artistic way. Our professional team offers all day coverage for your event.  Many  locations for your event day are included: house, church, park and the hall. We cover Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Long Island, New Jersey  !Schedule your free consultation today! 347-6348456

Quinceañera Pictures

New York  Photographers and Videographers

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The Official Queens, New York  Quinceañeras Gallery by Quinceaneras New York Photography and Video has been rated by our Clients as one the best quinceanera photographers and videographers in the city for several consecutive years and once again for 2022.


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