April 13, 2024

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  • Los mejores paquetes y precios para bodas y 15 años en New York

TEst Magazine

New York Quinceaneras Photography-Video

Quinceaneras.nyc Magazine: Quinceañera tips and advice

Fotografía y video de Quinceañeras y bodas en  Nueva York

Quinceaneras Magazine New York
Quinceaneras Magazine New York

In this issue:
Your fiesta of Quinces or Sweet 16 the Event of the Year! Take a look at the most and unique beatufil dresses in New York🎊

Quinceaneras New York Magazine

Sweet16 Photographer and video in NYC
Sweet16 Photographer and video in NYC

What do you need to know for your Quinces or Sweet16?

More than [sbs_posts] articles to help you and counting

Ideas and tips

Quinceanera Trends & Tips .Get inspired with the latest trends and advice from our Quinceañeras experts.


Recommendations for the perfect Quinces or Sweet16

Quick Tips from our Experts to Help You Plan Your Quinceañera

Quinceañera Cake Tips

Taste the Cake

    • You don’t want your guests to criticar criticando your cake for being too dry or bland, so try to go in to sample the cake before your buy it. Not only do you get a chance to ask questions to your baker, but you also get to comer deliciosos pasteles.

Finalize your Guest List

    • Before you start shopping around for cakes, check your guest list! You want to at least have a rough idea of how many people will attend your fiesta so you know what size cake to get. You don’t want to get too much cake, leaving you with lots of leftovers, or too little cake, leaving guests upset that they didn’t get a chance to try it.

Have Realistic Expectations

  • We’ve all seen those incredible, perfect looking cakes on social media. Don’t be fooled though. People nowadays are creating “fake” cakes made out of styrofoam or cardboard that look realistic but are really just a prop!

Inspiration for  your Quinces or Sweet16 services


New York Quinceaneras Photography-Video

The definitive guide for Quinceañeras & Sweet 16 in New York

Fotografía y video de Quinceañeras y bodas en  Nueva York


Canciones para tu fiesta de Quinceanera / Sweet Sixteen en New York

Asi como otros aspectos para tu evento de Quinces / Sweet Sxiteen la musica es importante. Hemos creado una lista d...

Sugerencias para Ingresar al Salón del Evento en tu fiesta de Quinceanos o Sweet Sixteen

No hay dudas de que uno de los momentos más importantes y especiales de la fiesta de Quinces o Sweet Sixteen es cua...


TEST: Your Crush… Is He The One To Be YOUR CHAMBELAN?

Forget about the dress and shoes, if you still haven't decided to invite your crush to be your chambe... It can be...

Aqui nace la historia de las fiestas de 15 Años o Sweet Sixteens

El origen de la celebración de las quinceañeras La celebración de quince años de una mujer tiene varios orígenes. L...

Tips Quinceaneras

The Ultimate Guide for Quinceañera Cakes

Hottest Chambelanes Suit Trends in New York

Alright, we’ve been obsessing over all the beautiful, glittery, quinceañera dresses we’ve been seeing. We’ve been drooling over the sparkling crowns, the eye-catching jewelry, the...

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