December 11, 2023

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  • Los mejores paquetes y precios para bodas y 15 años en New York

TEst Magazine

New York Quinceaneras Photography-Video Magazine: Quinceañera tips and advice

Fotografía y video de Quinceañeras y bodas en  Nueva York

Quinceaneras Magazine New York
Quinceaneras Magazine New York

In this issue:
Your fiesta of Quinces or Sweet 16 the Event of the Year! Take a look at the most and unique beatufil dresses in New York🎊

Quinceaneras New York Magazine

Sweet16 Photographer and video in NYC
Sweet16 Photographer and video in NYC

What do you need to know for your Quinces or Sweet16?

More than [sbs_posts] articles to help you and counting

Ideas and tips

Quinceanera Trends & Tips .Get inspired with the latest trends and advice from our Quinceañeras experts.


Recommendations for the perfect Quinces or Sweet16

Quineanera Traditions List

Quineanera Traditions List
  Are you preparing for your quince and wondering what some of the traditions are? Read on to learn more about some basic quinceanera traditions....

Quick Tips from our Experts to Help You Plan Your Quinceañera

Florists (2 Months Before)

In New York, floral arrangements are becoming an important part of a quince anos party.  A fresh, colorful floral arrangement right above the guestbook is always a good idea (it leaves a good impression on guests.)  Tables should also have small arangements on each of them along with personalized candies.

Fresh flowers are a great way to make guests feel festive and appreciated.  Talk with a New York  florist for some original ideas! 

Inspiration for  your Quinces or Sweet16 services


New York Quinceaneras Photography-Video

The definitive guide for Quinceañeras & Sweet 16 in New York

Fotografía y video de Quinceañeras y bodas en  Nueva York


Lo que viven todos los chambelanes en las fiestas!

Esto es lo que callamos en silencio los que fuimos chambelanes en una fiesta de XV años. Sí no fuiste chambelan en...

Cómo Organizar la Lista de Invitados para QuinceAños o Sweet Sixteens

Sin dudas un tema complicado es la lista de invitados quince años. ¿A quién participar y a quién no? Muchas veces l...



‘Quinceañera’ is a Spanish word that has two meanings: It refers to a girl who is 15 years old, and it’s the word f...

Aqui nace la historia de las fiestas de 15 Años o Sweet Sixteens

El origen de la celebración de las quinceañeras La celebración de quince años de una mujer tiene varios orígenes. L...

Tips Quinceaneras

The Ultimate Guide for Quinceañera Cakes

How to Share Your Event like a Pro

Want to share your event with the world? We’ve got you covered!   Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step toward planning the event of your dreams. Now it’s time to share...

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